22 10 2017

„It is not true that the person who loves you may never leave. Maybe. Believe me. He/She will, sooner or later, whether he/she realizes that the relationship you no longer bring joy and happiness. If you sacrifice much to be close, but gets nothing in return, will fail. You, the person who raised it on a pedestal, do you offer your hand to lift it deserves with you. And just because they’re there.

He/She realizes that we must not give anything in return, must not rise to the level it deserves thought. You realize that you do not have to risk and sacrifice even the smallest thing for him/her and so the relationship becomes unbearable. It leaves when he/she realizes that means less for you than you mean you for it.

Chances are he/she does not tell you anything, will not complain about what you did or why you did not and will not believe that you did something wrong. It is foolish and absurd to beg someone love and understanding. The person who loves you will leave quietly, without a word. And the worst thing is that these people do not come back again.”

Oscar Wilde


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